AIPM Event: Quality Assurance in Major Projects

I am very pleased to announce that Grant Avery, international consultant, speaker, and author on Quality Assurance and the reduction of risk in major, high-risk projects will be presenting at the first AIPM National PMO CoP event for 2021. Grant will be presenting on Quality Assurance in Major Projects and will talk to the concept that risk reduction in projects is money in our back pocket. Grant will provide us hard-won advice and insights on: tailoring project QA for different levels of project cost, complexity; good governance; and, quality assurance in major projects. Grant is a founding member of the Wellington Project Quality Assurance Forum (PQAF: and his company Outcome Insights ( is listed on NZ Government’s MBIE panel (and GCDO sub-panel) for Consultancy Services (Assurance Services) companies. In 2007 Grant led the NZ State Services Commission’s implementation of the Gateway® major projects review process in NZ government. I am really looking forward to learning more from Grant and I am very thankful that he has chosen to give us the benefit of his time and experience.

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