AIPM PMO Spotlight Interview with Glenn RG Jones

On Wednesday 7th April please join us on the AIPM OnDemand platform to experience the newly created PMO Leader Spotlight interview series.  In our first interview, we’ll be speaking to Glenn RG Jones, Senior PMO Consultant presently working with Draken Europe. 

In the interview Glenn shared the best of his 20 years working knowledge and expertise and we discussed all things PMO, as he imparted his beliefs about why PMO’s succeed and fail and, how they can achieve their best using some really easy strategies.

You can watch the video on AIPM’s OnDemand platform, available from the 7th April 2021.  You can also catch Glenn on the AIPM PMO Online Community for his Ask an Expert session on Tuesday 27th April 2021.

AIPM PMO Leader Spotlight Interview – Glenn RG Jones — Watch Video