Grant Avery on Quality Assurance in Major Projects

It was such a pleasure to host Grant Avery‘s presentation on Quality Assurance in Major Projects today, on behalf of the Australian Institute of Project Management. I learnt so much!

My takeaways from today’s session include:

  • Tailoring project QA for different levels of project cost, complexity, and risk.
  • The difference between different types of major project assurance and when we should use them (Independent Quality Assurance (IQA), Health-checks, Technical QA, Gateway® reviews).
  • What should be in a life cycle stage-gate checklist for a major projects.
  • Common project warning signs to watch out for.

If you are an AIPM member and a member of the PMO Online Community Group, you can continue the discussion on today’s topic in the Online Community.

Grant is a truly engaging speaker with so much experience, and we are truly thankful that he has chosen to share his expertise with AIPM community today.

If you get the chance please visit AIPM On Demand and view the recording.