Business Process Engineering

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Process costs you valuable productivity time ($), often utilizing a high volume of your resources (they may not be expensive resources but anything at volume creates a hefty cost).

Often, out of sheer necessity we create the simplest and easiest processes, to get from point A to B as quickly as possible.  Often these processes are created early on in our business journey, when there is no one but ourselves to please and we use the tools we know well.  We then hand these processes down from one employee to the next, without much thought at all. Until of course that fateful day when a client or customer calls to complain about your service and you uncover that not only are the employees still using the process you created when you were a business of one BUT the process has been so neglected that it no longer makes any sense.  Worst of all you’ve discovered this after it has had a massive impact on the customer experience.

Enter Achieve.  We can assist by assessing your business processes and the tools you are using to support those processes.  We will work with your team to understand the customer journey from front-of-house to back-of-house and back again. We will then assess your needs and based on your business goals, put forward recommendations that aim to improve the performance and efficiency of your processes.  We will also recommend systems and tools to improve your efficiency through automation and integration, streamlining as much as possible.

By adopting an integrated systems approach, you will save valuable resource time, moving the effort from administering manual systems, to improving the bottom line.

We offer business process assessment, engineering and implementation services:

  • Business process assessment and analysis
  • Business process engineering
  • Business systems assessment and analysis, including technical options
  • Business improvement initiative delivery
  • Tool assessments and assistance with selection

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